Get An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

I have one simple philosophy: Your job is to heal – My job is to make sure you receive everything you are entitled to by law. If you are injured, in a car accident or on the job and you are not at fault, you deserve to have an attorney who is experienced and will work aggressively and competently to get results. Our ethical rules require we keep you informed; however, I go beyond that to make sure your questions are answered and you’re fully aware of every part of your case.

I have worked for individuals injured by employer negligence against major corporations such as Ford Motors, Ryobe Tools, and Wal-Mart, and countless collision cases against individuals and insurance companies. I represent the individual and have never worked for an insurance company or large corporation.

Kansas City is full of personal injury attorneys – make sure the firm you choose is experienced and focused on your case, your needs, and your physical and financial recovery. You should be weary of personal injury firms that tell you that they assign a ‘team’ to your case.  What that means is that no specific attorney has been assigned to manage your claim.  It means that you will not feel like your file has anyone’s personal care or attention.  The person you will usually be talking with is a paralegal or other member of the ‘team’ who will need you to re-educate them on your factual details.  All of my clients have my cellular telephone number and are free to give me a call to discuss their cases at their convenience.  Large personal injury firms attempt to apply a cookie – cutter approach to all of their cases so that they can manage a ‘volume’ business.  This is not what you want.  You deserve individual attention because you are my client.

I have been successful in helping my clients with a variety of cases and have been recognized for my skill and commitment.  I invite you to please review the client testimonials on this website.  Please pick up the phone and call me a call today [816.977.2680].  If you do, you will be taking the first step to resolution.

Personal injury law can be tricky but it isn’t impossible to navigate and there is absolutely no reason why you should feel confused about your rights or left alone by your attorney. Big firms make big promises – but remember, the more cases they have, the less time they have for you; and the more attorneys (usually 1st year, inexperienced lawyers) they put on your “team”, the more it costs you in the end.

I am here to provide you with the guidance that you need. If you have been injured as the result of another person’s negligence and are looking for someone to help, I encourage you to reach out and contact an experienced Kansas City personal injury attorney – give me a call today [816.977.2680].