By Donovan B. Dodrill on June 4, 2019

After a Car Crash, when a lawyer is deciding whether or not to file a lawsuit on behalf of his client against an at-fault driver, s/he looks at how likely the injured party is to be compensated. Drivers with few personal assets often are not pursued into court.

“If you have no assets or savings, nothing, you are judgment-proof,” says Robert Hunter, director of insurance for the Consumer Federation of America, a nonprofit advocacy group. “No one is going to sue you if you are judgment-proof. No lawyer would take the case.”

But very few people are really “judgment-proof.”  The at fault party must truly be without any assets. An experienced attorney has the means to uncover hidden wealth.  Car accident victims do not have to settle for an at-fault driver’s car insurance policy limits if he discovers that the at-fault driver has the ability to pay more. Most lawyers work with a private detective to look into someone’s finances.

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