Don’t Suffer Because Of Someone Else’s Negligence

Slips, falls and similar accidents happen all the time. Most of them result in nothing more than minor bruises. However, individuals can suffer injuries ranging from broken bones, to sprains and even catastrophic injury. It is not uncommon for brain and spinal cord injury to occur these types of accidents.

Some slip and fall accidents are truly accidents. Other injuries are due to property owners neglecting to take the proper safety precautions on their property. In order to have successful premises liability litigation you need to be able to demonstrate that the owner of the property your injury occurred on neglected to take  necessary safety measures to prevent your accident. This may include neglecting to remove ice on walkways, leaving spills unattended, not fixing broken steps in staircases or failing to have the proper safety equipment present.

Your losses can be more than the cost of medical bills. Individuals sometimes miss work due to the injury, can incur long-term disabilities and emotional trauma. If you or a loved one have suffered injury due to the negligence of a property owner you may be entitled to receive compensation. Contact Donovan today for a free consultation to see if you can receive a settlement.